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12 Inconveniences To Concealed Carry

by Daniel @HolsterCentral on January 18, 2022
12 Concealed Carry inconveniences
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Concealed Carry has many benefits which we have spoken about here on our blog, however there are a few cons that need to be taken into account. 

So today let's go over some of the "pains in the butt" and downsides about Concealed Carry.

If you already Concealed Carry I am sure you can relate to a few of these things and if you are a new Concealed Carrier hopefully we can prepare you and give you a heads up!

#1 - Government buildings

court house

it's easy to forget, but you have to be mindful that you're going to have to ditch your gun before going to the court house, State Capitol or other government locations, even the library in some cases!

Make sure to plan ahead and know where you are going to safely store your firearm in advance. Car break-ins are common and most guns used in crimes are stolen, so leaving it in the car unsecured is not a good idea.

You can buy safe / storage boxes designed for cars such as stop box but there are many options on the market at all different price points if you search around.

#2 - Airports -

airport security

Picking up family or traveling?

No concealed weapons here. Airports are off limits and if you are flying you are going to have plan in advance and follow the TSA's guidelines and follow their instructions on checking in your gun at the check in desk.  

#3 - Schools -

dropping off at school

Work at a school? Picking up or dropping off your kids?

Even if you are just dropping in quickly, don't forget there's no guns allowed on school property.

4# Hugging friends and relatives - 


You are going to have to adjust your hug if they are not so gun friendly. You don't want to make them uncomfortable or make it awkward if they are nervous around guns. If you can't avoid it and they hug you and feel your gun you may want to think of an explanation beforehand and be mindful of that. 

5# Running errands / public places / going to the post office -

post office

You have to be mindful when running errands that not all places you visit may allow you to legally carry there. 

For example if you plan to go to the post office right whilst running your errands, you better remember to leave your gun behind as they are not allowed at Post Offices. 

6# Crossing state lines on a road trip - 

crossing state line

This is a very important one which could land you in serious legal trouble if you forget.

You better know the state laws regarding carrying a firearm in any states that you are going to OR passing through (those count too).

Every state has different laws.

Look them up on the state's website before you embark on your road trip to make sure you have the most current and up to date legal information. 

7# Bathroom Breaks -

bathroom stalls

Well if you carry Appendix you will need to make some adjustments here.

It can be annoying to have to take your holster on/off your pants when using the bathroom or adjusting it to be able to go whilst still wearing it.

Going to a private stall allows you do this more easily instead of fiddling with your gun and holster at the urinal. 

Do not ever hang your gun on the trigger guard on a coat hanger on a stall door. Believe it or not negligent discharges have happened this way. 

8# Being pulled over -

pulled over

It's not a regular traffic stop when guns are involved, you need to be calm, polite and let the officer know you are carrying. Make no sudden or fast movements and last but not least never say the words "I've got a gun".

Say something along the lines of "Officer, I just want to make you aware I am a legal Concealed Carrier, I have my permit with me and I am currently concealed carrying, if you have any instructions regarding my firearm I am happy to follow them for you".

If you can, supply the officer with your permit at the same time as you hand him your drivers license that is ideal and make them aware where it is safely located.

Ask for instructions and tell him exactly where your gun is located.

Don't say you are carrying and then start digging for your permit or make any sudden movements!

Be cool, polite, informative and responsible and they will respect you for it. 

Do exactly what the officer says - no more, no less. 

9# Hot spots - You may get "hot spots" from carrying.

My P320 has a beaver tail which jabs me in the gut when bending over if I am carrying in the appendix position!

Some people get lower back pain from back carry and some people develop aches and pains from years of carrying. It's just part of the sacrifice we make. 

10# Finding a good holster - 

When you start to concealed carry it's a never ending battle to find a good holster and it is timely and costly  (which is why we created Holster Central to solve that problem). 

Most people waste hundreds of dollars trying to find "the one" holster to rule them all.

For sure it's a challenge and you have to experiment with what works for you, but with Holster Central getting free shipping, hassle free returns and excellent customer service sure helps along the way!

11# Your Car and Gun storage - 

car gun storage box

As I mentioned earlier, if you leave your gun in the car please be sure to secure it, even if you are just running into get something quickly.

Most criminals obtain their guns through theft so don't be complacent and arm the next criminal to commit a murder with your gun!

Also if you leave your gun in the car, but forget that your partner or family member who sometimes drives your car does not have a concealed carry permit, they could be in trouble with the law if they are pulled over and the firearm is found in their possession even if they are not aware it was there. 

#12 Bars and Restaurants - 

bar pic

Guns and Alcohol do not mix, if you're going to grab a few beers with your buddies after work or going for a night on the town you better remember to leave your gun behind.

In some states, (check your state's laws) some restaurants are considered bars if they serve alcohol and receive more revenue from alcohol than food, so be careful where you choose to eat when carrying. 


So these are some of the things to be aware of when you Concealed Carry but we still believe the benefits far outweigh any of these inconveniences.

Sure it's an inconvenience to Concealed Carry and we wish the world was a safer place, but unfortunately the reality of the situation is there are bad people always committing crimes and acts of violence and the cops can't be everywhere at all times.

The main thing is making the decision and commitment to carrying your firearm every day.

Every single time you leave the house having to remember whether to take your gun can be a bit of a pain, but it's par for the course.

It's up to you to choose to carry, nobody is going to remind you or force you to do it, you have to make that decision and commitment to yourself. 

If you found this article interesting or helpful share it with a friend and if you have any comments, be sure to drop us a comment in the box below!

Thanks for reading guys!


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