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Training is an important part of Concealed Carry. Any concealed carrier should be training regularly to be proficient with their firearm. You can't shoot what you can't hit and you better be accurate and diligent with shot placement as you are accountable for every single bullet fired. Being able to shoot on the move, shoot fast, have throttle control and to be able to hit multiple targets and ensure you don't hit any innocents all are important things training can help with. 

Here are the best of the best in no particular order - 

Trainer - Location - Website 

John Lovell - Warrior Poet Society - Courses in Multiple Locations -

Baer Solutions - Courses in Multiple Locations

Assault Dynamics - California -

Carry Trainer - Courses in Multiple Locations -

Haley Strategic - Arizona -

Core Vision - Courses in Multiple Locations -

KagWerks - Courses in Multiple locations -