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Save 10% off a Ruger Holster today! Manufactured in the U.S.A. from the highest-quality materials and offering both durability and reliability, our Ruger concealed carry holster is a great option for your Ruger firearm. The accompanying lifetime warranty ensures that you will be happy with this holster for years to come.

We provide Ruger LCP IWB holsters, as well as a wide range of other Ruger firearms. Our holsters will securely conceal your weapon under clothing of any type. The moisture shield protects your firearm from sweat, even after extended wear. All our Kydex Ruger concealed carry holsters feature user-adjustable cant and retention and can be customized with different belt clip or loop options.

To be sure that you can adequately secure your concealed carry and access it quickly whenever you need it, you should feel confident about your holster choice. You can count on our Ruger holsters to meet your needs and preferences.


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Ruger Holsters

Quick Ship - Quick Clip - Inside The Waistband KYDEX Holster


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Kobra Kydex "Concealer" Inside The Waistband Holster - Create Your Own