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Springfield firearms and holsters have been around for more than 40 years, so you know you can count on their products to be high quality and reliable. Manufactured in the United States from premium Kydex material, our Springfield holsters are made to suit all types of concealed carry users. All holsters also come with a lifetime warranty.
Our Springfield XDS 9mm concealed carry holsters offer a fit guaranteed to secure your weapon while allowing a fast, smooth draw at the same time. Made to be worn under even the lightest clothing, these holsters are slim enough to provide only the faintest imprint and come with a convenient moisture shield to prevent slippage.
The XDS holster and other models we carry, such as the Springfield XD 45 concealed carry holster, feature retention and cant adjustment, plus belt attachment options to ensure that your firearm can be worn comfortably and that you will be able to draw it with ease when the time comes.

Springfield Holsters

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