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5 Quick Tips To Be A Better Concealed Carrier

by Daniel @HolsterCentral on June 25, 2020
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Here's 5 Quick Tips To Be A Better Concealed Carrier


Man Drawing from concealment

I think we can agree, once you get your Concealed Carry permit you are on your own and left to figure it out.

With busy lives, not everybody has time to do a ton of research on how to become a better Concealed Carrier.

Today we want to give you 5 Quick and easy to implement tips, you can use right away and keep in mind to become a better Concealed Carrier tomorrow.

#1 - Dress appropriately, ensure you are not printing before you leave the house, that skin tight shirt with a massive bulge showing is a dead give away, it's called Concealed Carry for a reason...Concealed means Concealed! You don't want an attacker knowing you have a gun as you are probably now the number 1 target to take out. This is why Open Carry sucks! 

Man Concealed Carrying

2# - Check and know the condition of your gun, if you are carrying one in the chamber, ensure that is the case before holstering your gun, make sure you have your defensive ammo loaded and that one is in the chamber and if you have an external safety know whether it is on or off.

3# The First Rule of Fight Club is we don't talk about Fight Club. The same goes for Concealed Carry, Saying something along the lines of "it's ok I'm carrying bro" is not cool or something we should let anybody and everybody we come in contact with know about. Concealed Carry is not about being macho, being a vigilante, being a hero or being a bad ass. 

The element of Surprise - You don't want people to know you're carrying, such as your friend. For example the two of you are in a bank together and a robber comes into the bank to rob the place pointing guns at everyone and your friend blurts out "Joe you have a gun, stop him, shoot him" because maybe you were waiting your turn and now they just let the bank robber know that you are carrying. They just drew a lot of unwanted attention to you and you just lost your element of surprise and the opportunity to launch a counter attack.

Should you educate more people on the 2nd amendment and advocate to Concealed Carry to family and friends? SURE!

But don't be bragging and telling everyone that you are carrying. Be cool, you don't have to divulge to everyone you are currently carrying RIGHT NOW, this very second.

4# Be situationally aware, avoid having your head faced downwards buried in your phone when in public places such as filling up at the pump, standing at the ATM, waiting for public transportation.

Distance buys you time and time buys you distance. It's no good carrying if you are unaware and an attacker has already approached you without you realizing and is already within striking distance, in your personal space and they have the drop on you. 

Now you can't draw, it's too late.


Keep your distance from known or suspected threats and don't let any strangers come into your personal space. This could be someone asking for change, a cigarette, the time, directions, equally that could be a ploy to get within striking distance and close the distance on you.

I have a zero tolerance policy on beggars / strangers approaching me and asking for something and by doing so coming into my personal space.

It could be innocent, sure, but it could also be an act and now I just lost my defensive distance and reaction time.

I have nothing to gain from that, I don't need anything from them and they are approaching me because they want something, they are not coming to make friends or give me a dollar.

You can't trust strangers to have always have good intentions. Predators prey on the distracted, vulnerable and the generosity of good people. 

#5 - Dry fire at home whenever possible.

In the event you need to use your gun, you want to be able to hit what you need to hit, and avoid any unwanted targets. The best way to do this regularly without needing to spend time going to the range or spending money on ammo and range time is to dry fire.

You can practice your draw, target acquisition, sight alignment, trigger control all at home with dry fire practice. These are all things that are going to help you in the event of a defensive shooting by building muscle memory so it is second nature.

It will improve your draw to first shot which is probably the most important part of stopping a deadly threat. 

Hopefully these tips are easy for you to implement as they are mostly to do with your mindset, keep these in mind when you are Concealed Carrying tomorrow, they could save your life! 

If these tips helped you or got you thinking, let us know your perspective and if you have any tips, we would love to hear them!

Thanks for reading!



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