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Coley's Story - Kobra Kydex Custom Holsters

by Daniel @HolsterCentral on June 03, 2020
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Holster Making in action

Meet Coley! He is a Veteran and Expert Custom Holster Maker from Georgia, USA.

He has a huge love for firearms and making things with his hands, so it was an easy decision to decide he wanted to become a holster maker!

The spark that ignited his desire to make his own holsters came when he found out it would take 4 months for the Kydex Holster he wanted to be made!

Waiting wasn't an option so he watched a Holster Making video on Youtube and started learning how to make his own, and so it all began that day in early 2012 and Kobra Kydex was born!

Kobra Kydex took a brief break while Coley Served in the Military and he relaunched Kobra Kydex when he returned home.

Today he is an expert Custom Holster Maker and we are proud to sell his Holsters on Holster Central!

We offer a wide range of colors, patterns and options to truly make your Kobra Kydex Holster your own.

Coley's years of experience have given him a trained eye for detail on every aspect of each holster produced from start to finish which gives Kobra Kydex exceptional quality control. On top of that all Kobra Kydex Holsters come with a lifetime guarantee.

You will notice instantly when you hold a Kobra Kydex Holster for the first time, it's not like any other Kydex Holster you will have felt before!

They feel strong and sturdy, have amazing definition, smooth edges and fantastic retention with an audible click every time and most of all they are comfortable and conceal well.

These are the best of the best when it comes to Kydex Holsters, they truly are in a league of their own.

Coley is our lead designer and manufacturer of our Custom holsters, you can check them out here -…/kobra-kydex-custom-holsters

Don't forget everything on Holster Central has Free Shipping with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.


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