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Glock 19: A Time-Tested Firearm for Concealed Carry

by Daniel @HolsterCentral on December 05, 2023

Glock 19 a Time Tested Firearm for Concealed Carry and the Holsters we have for it!

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The Glock 19 stands as a testament to its enduring popularity, renowned as not only one of the most favored carry guns globally but also a semi-automatic handgun with an extensive legacy. Embraced by both law enforcement and civilians, it has secured its place in the hands of movie stars on screen. Despite its unconventional aesthetics, the Glock 19's unmatched reliability and history continue to draw praise, with each generation refining its performance.

The Glock 19, a midsize pistol, boasts a balance of dimensions, holding universal appeal with a height of approximately 5 inches. With a standard magazine capacity of around 15 9mm cartridges, it offers versatility through various models and modifications. Known for its durability, the Glock 19 operates seamlessly in diverse conditions, making it a stalwart choice.

Dependability is paramount in a firearm, and the Glock 19 lives up to this expectation. Trusted by thousands in law enforcement, its minimal recoil ensures accurate and rapid firing. The Glock 19's popularity extends beyond duty, capturing the preference of everyday individuals seeking a robust self-defense weapon.

The Glock 19 can accommodate many accessories and modifications, you can upgrade your sights, add a red dot optic, change the slide, buy a customized grip and even upgrade the trigger.  

The discussion of Gen 3, Gen 4, and Gen 5 explores the evolution of this iconic firearm. Each generation brings distinct features, catering to different preferences, from finger grooves to improved triggers and ambidextrous controls.

The Glock 19's may have a boxy design and not look as sexy as other firearms but its simplistic design with a polymer frame and metal components they only aid in its reliability.

The firearm's accuracy, magazine capacity, and legendary reliability are detailed, reinforcing its status as an excellent choice for concealed carry, home defense, and competition shooting.

In conclusion, regardless of the Glock 19 generation, each model proves to be a worthy investment. The Glock 19's consistent performance, coupled with its adaptability for target shooting, self-defense, and concealed carry, makes it a standout choice in the firearm market.


When it comes to holsters for the Glock 19, a variety of options cater to different preferences and carry styles, offering users flexibility and comfort. Kydex holsters, known for their durability and retention capabilities, are particularly popular for Glock 19 owners.

Inside the Waistband (IWB) holsters are designed to be worn inside the pants, providing a concealed carry option. They offer excellent concealment, keeping the firearm close to the body for minimal printing. Kydex IWB holsters for the Glock 19 often feature adjustable retention and can be customized for specific carry positions, ensuring a secure fit and quick draw.

On the other hand, Outside the Waistband (OWB) holsters offer an open-carry solution, allowing the Glock 19 to be easily accessible. Kydex OWB holsters typically provide a snug fit and adjustable retention, ensuring firearm security while allowing for a smooth draw. These holsters are favored by those who prioritize ease of access and comfort during extended wear.

Tuckable holsters add another layer of versatility, allowing the user to tuck a shirt over the holster for added concealment. This is particularly useful for those who require a more formal or business-casual appearance while carrying their Glock 19. Tuckable Kydex holsters maintain the benefits of retention and durability while accommodating a tucked-in shirt for discreet carry.

Holster Central emerges as a top choice for Glock 19 owners seeking high-quality Kydex holsters. With an extensive selection of IWB, OWB, and tuckable options, Holster Central ensures that users can find the perfect fit for their carry style and preferences. The company's commitment to quick shipping ensures that customers receive their holsters promptly, and hassle-free returns provide peace of mind in the selection process. The superior quality of Holster Central's Kydex holsters underscores their dedication to customer satisfaction, making them a reliable destination for Glock 19 holster needs.

Here is a quick ship inside the waistband holster that we sell for the Glock 19

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