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Inside or Outside the waistband? That is the question!

by Daniel @HolsterCentral on September 01, 2019

Custom Kydex Holsters come in 2 forms these days.




The Waistband 

What does this mean? Well as the name suggests you have 2 places you can carry the gun on your belt.

Inside the waistband meaning the gun is in between your body and your belt.

Outside the waistband as the name suggests puts the gun and the holster on the outside of your belt. 

I prefer inside the waistband personally as it isn't too uncomfortable for me and it conceals better, especially in the summer when you are wearing less layers..

In the winter I sometimes carry outside the waistband as I can hide it better with a sports coat, jacket, sweater or hoodie..

You may want to wear pants with a couple extra inches of space to accommodate the holster comfortably, so if you wear 38" waist pants you may want to bump up and wear 40" and tighten with a belt any slack. It's better to have too much room than too little and the belt can fix the too much issue, if your pants are too tight the holster will be too uncomfortable to wear inside the waist band. 

Outside is wayyyyy more comfortable and easy to carry, you hardly feel it at all but it will print way more so you need to wear layers like an over shirt, a jacket or sweater to cover the gun and you need to be prepared to defeat that garment when you draw. 

Another consideration with Outside The Waistband is if you are carrying and wearing a jacket and it then gets hot you are going to be sweating bullets and unable to take the jacket off. Take things like this into consideration!

Either way you want something that is safe, secure and hopefully comfortable.

It's a trial and error process and what works for one person may not work for another, it is a very personal choice and your preferences may change over time.

Nothing beats a good Outside The Waistband holster on a sunny day out at the range it makes shooting a real pleasure.

To conclude - Both have their advantages comfort vs concealment but ultimately the choice is yours, it depends on the scenario and your personal preference. You have to keep experimenting and trying different options and find what works for you!

What is your preference? Sound off in the comments and tell us which you prefer! 


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by AG on April 27, 2019

Great article


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