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Our Quick 5 Step Daily Concealed Carry Routine

by Daniel @HolsterCentral on July 03, 2020
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Our Quick 5 Step Daily Concealed Carry Routine


Today I wanted to share my personal daily Concealed Carry Routine, perhaps it will give you some tips and ideas that you could incorporate into yours? 

#1 - I get my Gun out of the safe, I drop the magazine (if there is one inside) and clear the gun. 

#2 - I then choose my outfit for the day with Concealed Carry in mind. Once I've decided what pants or shorts I am wearing I will thread my Concealed Carry Belt onto them and get dressed. I put my holster on making sure the clips are fully hooked on and give a quick tug to ensure they are retained on the belt. I will also pocket and mount my other EDC accessories such as my knife, spare mag, wallet, flashlight etc.

#3 - After clearing the gun for safety I do 5 minutes of dry fire with the gun, practicing a few draws making sure the holster stays on the belt when the gun is drawn.

#4 - I then make sure my magazine is topped off with my defensive ammo. I insert it into the magazine, making sure it is all the way seated and chamber a round. I then drop the mag and top off my magazine and then reinsert and reseat my magazine to ensure its all the way seated, I then do a quick press check by carefully pulling the slide back to ensure there is one in the chamber.

#5 - I carefully holster the gun, tuck my shirt in or conceal my gun and holster with my cover clothes. I then check in the mirror for printing, moving around so I can look from all angles to make sure the outfit works and holster is in the right location and fully concealed. 

After that, I do a quick pocket check to make sure I have the rest of my Everyday Carry items on me such as my knife, flashlight, wallet, keys and phone.

I also make sure to place them in the same place on my body every day and know which pocket I will have each item in so that I know exactly where they are in a moments notice. I am also mindful of my strong hand and weak hand pocket placement. I do not put my phone on the same side as my gun, because if I had to use my gun or hold someone at gunpoint, I would need my phone in my weak hand to be able to call the police whilst holding my gun. I am also mindful on which side I put my knife.

Having a daily routine that becomes a habit is important so that you actually leave the house with your gun in holster, fully concealed and carry it all day, every day!

When I return home, I basically do the same process but in reverse, carefully unholstering my gun, dropping the mag, racking the slide to eject the chambered round, I then put my gun and magazine away in safe storage. 

That is my quick 5 step daily routine for concealed carry!

Let us know what's your routine in the comment section below!

Thanks for reading!


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