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Women's Concealed Carry - Purse Carry Vs. On-Body Carry

by Daniel @HolsterCentral on June 05, 2020
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I think it's safe to say if you ask most women who carry a gun, "What's your preferred method of carry?"'s usually "I keep it in my purse."

Now for sure it's great they are carrying at all, having a gun even in your purse is better than nothing.

But there is some pretty big advantages to carrying in a holster on body that may convince you to switch over or encourage your wife or girlfriend to transition to on body carry. 

We are definitely applauding all women who choose to carry at all, but with a few pro's hopefully we can help change your mind.

The Disadvantages of Purse Carry are -

 1) Speed of draw - How often do you dig through your purse to find what you need? And how long does it usually take for you to find it? Under 2 seconds? Well in a life and death self defense scenario. Seconds count, when you need your gun, you need it now, a sub 2 second draw is ideal, that's not going to happen with it your purse. 

2) Accessibility - If it's in your purse it's not as easily accessible as on body. How often is it hard to find your keys in there when you are not in a rush, imagine having to route through there with adrenaline in a rush under pressure

3) Purse snatch / muggers - Purses are a target, criminals know that's where women carry their most valuable and important items. Women's purses get snatched all the time, a criminal runs past you from behind and rips your purse from you, now we have an armed criminal with your gun 

4) Baby Sitting - This is an extension of number 3 - You can't leave your purse anywhere unattended - You have to take it anywhere you go, gym, car, bathroom, it has to be stuck to your body from when you leave home until you return, it can't leave your sight even for a few seconds.

5) Surreptitious Draw - If you are waiting your turn and the attacker's back is turned, It's hard to conceal your draw when you are digging in a purse possibly making sound drawing an attackers attention when you need the element of surprise on your side. 

6) Negligent Discharge - I would hope if it's in your bag it's holstered but could something in your purse possibly get caught on the trigger? Such as your keys, ear phones, phone chargers, other cables and thing's that you carry, if anything like that gets snagged in the trigger guard you are going to be in serious trouble.

7) 2 Handed Draw - Again if it's in your purse I would hope it's in a holster. If that's the case it takes a one handed draw out of the equation, you cannot, open a bag, find it and it would take 2 hands to unholster it, one hand holding the holster and the other to draw it. What if you don't have both hands free?

Girl Carrying Inside The Waistband Holster

The Benefits of On Body Carry -

  • Much Quicker Draw
  • More consistent draw - you are drawing from the holster every time
  • Only you have access to your gun with minimal risk of being taken from you when you're carrying
  • You can move freely and don't have to carry your whole purse with you everywhere, if you need to ditch your purse or leave it behind you don't have to worry
  • You can draw one handed
  • You can draw more discretely 
  • Less chance of a negligent discharge

In conclusion, we highly recommend on body carry over purse carry it's safer, quicker, and more reliable.

Let us know your thoughts on Purse Carry below!

Thanks for reading!


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