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The Concealed Carry Revolution - John's Story

by Daniel @HolsterCentral on June 26, 2020
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John's Story Concealed Carrying

We continue our series of talking with Concealed Carriers who are exercising their 2nd Amendment rights and are part of the Concealed Carry Revolution. 

So far we have spoken with Jane a Concealed Carrier for over 30 Years and Samantha a Concealed Carrier for 10 years, who carry daily and are advocates for Concealed Carry.

Today we are going to be speaking with John. A Concealed Carrier from Texas. 

HC: Hi John, thanks for taking the time to speak with us today! Also thank you for being a part of the Concealed Carry Revolution!

John: No problem at all!

HC: So tell us a bit about yourself

John: Well I am from Texas, I work in tech now in Austin, I grew up out in the country shooting guns with my dad as a kid, going hunting, skeet and have been shooting since a young age.

HC: So guns were a big part of your life since an early age?

John: Yep definitely, gun safety was drilled into me from a young age by my dad, I learnt to have a healthy respect for guns.

HC: That's what we like to hear!

HC: So when did you become a Concealed Carrier?

John: As soon as I was legally able to!

HC: What age was that?

John: In Texas it's 21, so as soon as I turned 21 I got my permit.

HC: That's great! 

John: Yep! 

HC: So what was it like Concealed Carrying for the first time?

John: It was definitely weird having a gun on me in public at first, when I was used to only being around guns on the range. But that soon wore off and became 2nd nature.

HC: Yes it's definitely a weird feeling for the first time, I experienced that too! So tell us a bit about your carry set up

John: I went with a Glock and IWB, I carried a cheap folder knife and a small streamlight flashlight

HC: Very nice, I carry a Streamlight too! Do you switch your EDC up often or stick with the same stuff?

John: For the most part I keep it the same unless something gets lost or broken!

HC: So what does the 2nd Amendment and Concealed Carry mean to you? 

John: Exercising my rights as an American, freedom, being able to defend myself is important, I never wanted to be a victim to violent crime, I don't think anybody should be subjected to that, it's unfortunate not many people Concealed Carry or see the value in it until something bad happens and then they usually make some changes to the way they see things.

I think today the 2nd Amendment is still just important as when it was written in the Constitution, it's sad more people don't see it that way.

HC: Have you ever felt threatened or needed to go to your gun

John: Thankfully no I never have and I hope I never do.

HC: Likewise! That is fortunate. Do you have CCW insurance?

John: Yep I had CCW Safe, and now moved over to USCCA

HC: That's great we have USCCA too! Do you stay up on your local gun laws?

John: Yep I do, you have to, I am a law abiding citizen and plan to stay that way, I urge all Concealed Carriers to do the same!

HC: We certainly advocate for that too. Have you recommended Concealed Carry to anyone? 

John: Yes my younger brother started to Concealed Carry, I have a couple friends I took to the range who got their permits too

HC: That's awesome we love to hear that, I wish more people did that too!

John: For sure, you have to, if you support the 2nd Amendment you have to do your part

HC: That's what the Concealed Carry Revolution is all about, we want to introduce as many people to the Concealed Carry Community as possible, we need more carriers out there

John: We certainly do

HC: Do you ever leave your gun at home?

John: I try not to, I carry whenever I can legally, if I have to go to a government building or the airport then I cannot.  I try to never forget it, I have made that promise to myself to always carry.

HC: Do you leave it in the car when you can't carry?

John: Yes but it is secured in a lock box in the center console

HC: Lockerdown?

John: Yep mine is a Lockerdown, they make great car safes! 

HC: Yes its unfortunate that most stolen guns are stolen from cars

John: Yeah if you are going to leave your gun, make sure it's secure, don't arm a criminal

HC: 100%

HC: Do you dress differently as a Concealed Carrier?

John: For sure you have to dress around your gun, I can't wear tight fitting clothing when I am carrying, with my body type it just doesn't work, I wear clothes that fit, but they have a little space to conceal. 

HC: So how did you become a customer of Holster Central?

John: I found you guys online, I was on the hunt for a new holster, I think I googled and came across your website. I loved what I saw, I bought 2 holsters, an Inside The Waistband Concealer for the summer and an Outside The Waistband for the winter. 

HC: Yes a lot of people do that, they have a different set up for summer carry than in the winter

John: Yeah in Texas it doesn't get too cold in the winter, but if I do wear a hoodie or some layers, If I can conceal outside the waistband I try to do that as it is a lot more comfortable, but in Texas 90% I carry Inside The waistband.

HC: Gotcha, are you happy with your Holsters from us? We have to ask! :)

John: Absolutely, I haven't had any issues, I highly recommend you guys to my friends and family who carry, you guys have been awesome. I will be ordering again in the future if I ever switch guns or anything

HC: Thanks so much! That means a lot to us!

HC: So do you hit the range often or practice with your carry gun much?

John: Yeah my friends have some land we shoot on, I also shoot in some local competitions which is a great way to hone your skills and practice shooting under pressure. I am a total gun guy so anytime I can be out on the range I am there!

HC: That's great to hear, we highly recommend competition shooting too!

HC: Well that's all the questions we have, is there anything else you would like to add and tell our readers? 

John: Carry everyday, make the commitment, introduce more people to the lifestyle. It is a lifestyle choice, you have to make sacrifices sure but I think it's worth it!

HC: We definitely do too! Thanks again for speaking with us! 

John: Anytime!

---------- End of Interview ----------

We really enjoyed speaking with John and can't thank him enough. We love that John got his permit as soon as he could! He wasted no time, he also shoots competition which is awesome, we advocate even if it's just once a year, trying to go to a local competition to test your skills under stress. Making the commitment to carry daily is essential! John is the perfect example of a responsible gun owner and Concealed Carrier!

If you are a Concealed Carrier and would like to be interviewed we would love to speak with you! Drop us an email at

Be sure to leave us a comment below!

Thanks for reading guys!


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