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The Concealed Carry Revolution Part 2. - The Benefits of Concealed Carry

by Daniel @HolsterCentral on October 01, 2020
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In The Concealed Carry Revolution Part 1, we discussed how at it's core The Concealed Carry Revolution is all about being ready to defend yourself and your loved ones at a moment's notice.
And exercising your rights as an American.
Bringing more people into the community by doing your part.
And being a Concealed Carrier is a mindset and lifestyle choice.
You are taking responsibility for your own personal safety, which means going against the norm of being defenseless and unprepared like most people.
In this blog we look at how being part of the Concealed Carry Revolution benefits you.
As a Concealed Carrier you are no longer an average person.
You become the best version of yourself.
Being a good Concealed Carrier is also very much about your mindset. 
  • You are a law abiding citizen
  • You are responsible firearm owner
  • You have to be a more calm, cool and level headed person
  • You don’t get into road rage incidents or fights.
  • You don't instigate, get involved in conflicts and you take the high road every single time if it's possible to do so.
  • You don't get drunk carrying your firearm
  • You learn the art of de-escalation
  • You avoid confrontations
  • You learn verbal judo
  • You learn to spot pre attack indicators by being situationally aware and vigilant.
  • You foster a having a preparedness mindset
  • You work on self defense
  • You are security minded learning to analyze threats and different stages of awareness.
These are all things that can improve you, not just as a Concealed Carrier but as a person also.
Being a Concealed Carrier you develop your skills and knowledge in many different ways.
Such as -
  • You gain more knowledge on self defense
  • You learn safe gun handling.
  • You take classes and more gain more knowledge on self defense and Concealed Carry.
  • You become an expert as you practice with your gun regularly.
  • You study your local laws and are aware of the self defense laws in your state. (Most people have no idea what their local laws are and what they can and can’t do.)
  • You learn First aid and basic medical training
And by doing so, you become more confident and you feel much safer when you are out and about in public.
There is a lot you can incorporate into your lifestyle to really take it to the next level.
You may dip your toes in the water and get your carry gun and permit and leave it there.
You may take 1 class a year or only go to the range a few times a year.
But we would encourage you to do more than that.
Just being a Concealed Carrier by itself is a win for our community!
You can add to your skillset every year by incorporating one new thing off the list and do as much or as little as you can.
But the bare minimum is to exercise good firearm safety and try to practice with your carry gun as much as possible.
Quite often people want to Concealed Carry but are intimidated as they don't know where to begin.
We are a place where all are welcome. Where you can learn and where you can improve.
We want to help grow the Concealed Carry community together!
Being a part of the Concealed Carry Revolution means -
  • Committing to trying to carry your gun every day whenever legally possible
  • Welcoming other people to the gun community
  • Introducing more people to concealed carry
  • Advocating for the 2nd amendment
  • Demonstrating gun safety and responsible gun ownership
  • Training to improve competence and Being vigilant.
We must fight for our rights today so our grand children have the same rights in the future that we do today.
Once our rights are gone, they’re gone forever.
So we're in this together!
Let's work on protecting ourselves, protecting our rights and making world a better place!
PS. Last but not least, by being a part of the Revolution you are a VIP to us. We want you to have the best kit for your EDC so we reward you with Secret Sales, Exclusive Discounts and much much more.
You’re the first to know about all our news, articles, videos, promotions - You Won’t miss a beat.
Thank you for reading and joining us in The Concealed Carry Revolution!
Drop us a comment on your thoughts, feedback and comments! 

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