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There's a new sheriff in town....Perhaps?

by Daniel @HolsterCentral on October 23, 2019

The current King of the holster world - KYDEX's throne may be under threat from a new challenger....


Boltaron is made by Simona A thermoplastics company out of Newcomerstown Ohio. From the Boltaron website - "

"All Boltaron grades are manufactured under tightly controlled conditions for consistent behavior during thermoforming. The material does not require pre-drying before thermoforming, leading to greater flexibility. We have the grade to meet your specific needs." "

"SIMONA Boltaron materials are specially formulated to meet the performance specifications required for use in aircraft interiors."

I did some digging and uncovered a few benefits that Boltaron has over Kydex

Alien Gear claim that although Kydex is the most commonly used plastic for holsters, they choose Boltaron for its increased quality and durability, they believe its the best material to use in holster making for these following reasons..

"Boltaron is 10x more impact resistant than standard plastics, its extremely fire retardant and resistant to chemicals that are acidic and caustic, Boltaron has consistently delivered these features along with resistance to cracking in arctic cold and deforming in desert heat".

So because of that they use it for their products for the reason of it holding its form and not loosening in extreme temperatures.

So for increased durablity and reliablity it may be worth considering..

Obviously if its for every day carry and you are not going to be in extreme conditions such as Arctic cold or Desert heat it's probably not going to be an issue for most people.

I am noticing a few holster makers now using Boltaron for these very reasons

It does seem to be increasing in popularity I recently saw a Safariland Holster on the shelf in Academy made out of Boltaron and boasting it's features on the box. 

I have seen Harry over at Harry's Holsters also using Boltaron for his Holsters and a few other holster makers are also using Boltaron.

Kydex has a lot of pros too it's widely offered and available and has a proven track record of keeping your gun secure. It's lighter and slightly cheaper and more than good enough for most people but the choice is ultimately up to you.

I have never encountered the issue personally with heat damaging my Holster but I don't operate in the desert either. But I have heard people who have said the kydex can be affected by a hot gun being placed in the holster

So go run a quick 1000 rounds through your gun pop it in your holster and get back to me on that one! 

So sound off in the comment section below if your Kydex Holster has been affected by the heat from your smoking gun!



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