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They Say We Need More Gun Laws...Here's what we think!

by Daniel @HolsterCentral on July 31, 2020

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It's election year, debates will be had between politicians and perhaps you will even have debates of your own with family and friends who might not be so "gun friendly".

So we wanted to arm you with a few talking points that could help you out if the conversation goes there, perhaps you could change someone's perspective.

Firstly before we get started, be polite, don't let it descend into an argument or shouting match, listen to their points and wait for them to finish before unloading some cold hard truths on them. 

#1 - Criminals don't abide by the law - Surprise surprise, murder is already illegal, no murderer ever stopped themselves from murdering someone because of the law, they don't care about the law at all. All of the gun related tragedies that happen are because a criminal breaks the law so how are more laws going to help?

#2 - Criminals do not go to the gun store to fill out a form #4473 to find out they can't buy a gun.. Newsflash - They obtain their guns illegally to break said laws.

3# We already have background checks. Most anti gun folks have never been to the gun store to know the current process. 

In recent times due to the current climate, many anti gun folks went to buy their first gun and were surprised that they couldn't take their gun home immediately as they had to fill out a form #4473 and wait for NICS to return their verdict before they could take their new gun home.

The advocates of "we need stronger background checks" don't know of the current ones. Felons are prohibited and cannot buy one from the store now so "Stronger background checks" Won't exactly help as again referring to #2 criminals obtain theirs illegally.

#4 - Proof that more gun laws don't help is to look at the strictest gun law states - Such as Illinois for example that has very strict gun laws and some of the worst gun crime in Chicago, because again referring to number #1 and #2 - Criminals don't care about the law and they obtain their guns illegally. 

#5 - Gun laws just make it harder for the good law abiding citizens to get what they need, it just creates more hurdles and hoops to jump through for your regular joe who just wants to protect his family, get a new gun for hunting season or buy a sweet 2011 pistol for his match this weekend. 

#6 Guns are illegal on school campuses and yet we have all of these horrific mass shootings.

A gun law that may actually work would be if they changed the law for the better and allowed teachers who already concealed carry to be able to concealed carry when at work, then there might actually be someone on campus that can prevent murder and preserve life like Jack Wilson did at the church in Fort Worth, Texas 

In summary, the people yelling "We need more gun laws, we need more gun laws" don't know the current ones and don't realize the current ones don't work so how will more help? Criminals break the law regardless and the only people it's hurting are law abiding citizens.

Every gun law is an infringement on the 2nd Amendment period. 

And once a law is passed it is very hard to have it reversed, when our rights are gone, they're gone for good.

PS. As we have discussed criminals obtain their guns illegally and one of the main sources for criminals to get guns is from theft. Secure your guns at home and when in your car. Don't help arm criminals!!


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Thanks for reading guys!

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