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TXC X1 Inside The Waistband Holster Review

by Daniel @HolsterCentral on May 23, 2022

Holster Central TXC X1 Review

This week I am reviewing a popular Inside the Waistband holster - the TCX X1.

I’ve always been very curious to see how it felt in the belt line, so I took the plunge and ordered one for testing!

When it comes to an Appendix Inside The Waistband Holster theres are a lot of choices out there in the market place, but often not a lot of difference to choose from!

However, TXC X1 has a feature that we haven't seen anywhere else.

It has an open top sight channel!

The X1 is designed in 2 separate pieces of kydex that are joined together at the trigger guard which means the sight channel is open.

This allows you to run raised sights, such as suppressor height sights which is a great advantage.

It’s also optic cut for if you have a red dot optic. 

TXC X1 Open Sight Channel

Most holsters these days have raised sight channels for anybody who runs suppressor height sights but it is an interesting choice to forego that and have an open slot for the sights!

On the downside, because of the 2 piece open-top sight channel, there is no way of adjusting the retention on the upper part of the holster so it relies on the pressure of the holster in your waistband to tighten the holster.

I have seen some people online that have complained that the retention feels a bit loose, even after tightening the screws at the trigger guard.

Personally, I found the holster to have decent enough retention but it is on the loose side due to the open sight channel design.

One thing I did have trouble with though was the Modwing concealment claw attachment and belt clip that came very loose. This made the belt clip flop around and the modwing attachment was now hanging instead of being correctly aligned.

 txc x1 loose belt clip

This holster for some reason has a special type of screw (YFS) which is hexagon shaped. I did not have one of these screw drivers but was able to get one so that I could try to retighten the screws.


 YFS Hexagon screw on TXC x1

When I finally got the screw driver and tried to tighten it, the backing screws were turning making it very difficult to retighten.

Having a special type of screw (YFS) instead of a regular cross head screw (that most holsters have) and that this is the only point of adjustable retention on the entire holster, is a bit of a negative for me. 

This made it very difficult to get the right type of retention that I was looking for with my draw.

I usually adjust my holster to where the gun does not fall out if I held the holster upside down, but also not so tight it impedes my draw. 

Unfortunately with this holster I could not easily do that.

TXC x1 Retention Screws

Despite the screw and retention issues the quality of the kydex is there.

The design is really cool and I like the defined and crisp lines of the mold.

So how does it feel when wearing it?

I put the holster in my pants, hooked the belt clip onto my belt and tried a few draws from concealment.

My first impression is how compact and minimalist it feels.

It has a slight bump as an integrated wedge on the back side a bit like the Kobra Kydex APX.

TXC X1 Integrated Wedge

I checked in the mirror and there was almost zero printing in a t- shirt and in heavier clothes there was no printing - nobody would know I was carrying.

The TXC X1 is by far one of the most minimalist holsters there is, with the open bottom, open top sight channel and optic cut, only a portion of the slide and trigger guard is covered! 

They really took minimalism to the next level. 

I wore it for the day, the claw definitely did a good job of driving the butt of the gun into my body and it was fairly comfortable.

The holster has smooth edges and noticeable high build quality.

One thing that is cool about TXC is that they regularly have limited edition prints like the one shown here is the "poppies of war" pattern, they are limited and a bit more expensive, but if you like collecting rare/exclusive things this is something to watch out for! 

Poppies of war print on TXC x1 holster

Unfortunately the TXC X1 is only available for the most popular guns such as the Canik TP9 line, CZ P10 compact, FN 509, Glock 17, Glock 19, Glock 22, Glock 23, Glock 24, Glock 26, Glock 27, Glock 34, Glock 35, Glock 43 and Glock 48. The M&P Shield and M&P Shield Ez .380, Sig Sauer p320 line and Sig Sauer p365 / P365XL, Sig Sauer 238 and Sig Sauer 938 Springfield Hellcat and Walther PPQ.

These are some of the more popular and expensive Concealed Carry guns so if you have one of those guns it could be a good option for you. 

However, if you have a less popular gun you will be out of luck.  

With the current 3-6 week lead time listed on TXC's website for custom X1's, a comparable holster like the custom Kobra Kydex Conceal APX will likely get to you much quicker at 10-15 business days.

If you are in a rush or you have a different gun that is not listed here you might be in luck if you check out Holster Central's Quick Ship holster collection.

Holster Central has a wide offering of gun models including a lot of the less popular guns, but if TXC have your model and you are happy to wait then go for it! 

So how does the TXC X1 compare with other holsters in this class?

Personally I feel the Kobra Kydex Conceal APX fixes a lot of the things that I have highlighted that may be an issue with the TXC X1.

For example, the screws are a regular cross head screw for easy adjustment and the sight channel is raised but not open so the retention is better. 

It also has an integrated wedge which is slightly larger than the TXC X1 and I feel does a better job at minimizing printing.

Another added benefit of the Kobra Kydex Conceal APX is the FREE Claw attachment which TXC charge $10 for which is in line with most other holster companies, but it is included for free on the APX.

The Concealment Claw attachment pushes against your belt driving the grip of the gun in towards your body which decreases printing even further. 

This does two things: it allows the holster to conform to the shape of your body  and it makes it more comfortable and more concealable - Win!

How modwing claw attachment works

Price wise the Kobra Kydex APX comes in at $79.99 which includes 15+ base colors with no additional charge, a free modwing concealment claw and multiple clip options with no up charge and free shipping on

It will only cost more if you choose a premium color such as carbon fiber or multicam and upgrade your belt clip.

Who doesn't love to get creative with their custom holsters?

After all they are custom so we might as well get a bit creative with the designs.

In comparison the TXC X1 comes in with a slightly cheaper base price at $59.99, but there are additional charges for just about every color, clip, and the concealment claw, likely driving the price over $80 and as of current time of writing this article, shipping is $11.50. 

However, if you are looking to get creative, one thing the TXC X1 does allow you to do is choose two different colors, one for the backside of the holster and one for the front side, so you can create a two tone holster which is really cool.

In conclusion I do love how the X1 looks and feels on the belt and it sure has some nice features but bearing in mind the draw backs I have highlighted I would give the TXC X1 holster 4 Stars.

Comment below if you have an X1, what's your verdict? 

Stay tuned for more holster reviews coming soon!


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