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Which Kobra Kydex Holster Should I Get?

by Daniel @HolsterCentral on October 30, 2020

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Perhaps you are wondering which is the perfect Kobra Kydex holster for you?

Don't worry, you are in the right place, here's the definitive guide to all things Kobra Kydex!

There's no doubt about it Kobra Kydex makes some of the best Kydex holsters on the market!

The craftsmanship, definition, smooth edges, retention, and overall quality of their holsters are amazing, which is why they are our chosen supplier for fully custom holsters.

Handcrafted in Georgia by veterans, these holsters are built to last a lifetime.

With a lifetime warranty and 100% satisfaction guarantee, you have nothing to lose!

Kobra Kydex makes a variety of different holster styles, all of them are amazing but each has its own unique features and purpose, so the hard part is deciding which one you should get!!

Here’s a rundown of the whole range to help you choose!

The Concealer IWB Holster
Our Pick for Minimalist Comfort & Concealment 

The Concealer IWB custom holster

The Concealer is an IWB Holster designed to be worn inside the waistband and particularly shines when it comes to Appendix Carry. 

It’s great if you want a compact solution, don't run a light on your gun and you plan to carry Appendix. 

This holster comes optic cut as standard, so if you have a red dot optic on your gun it will accommodate it. 

It also has a suppressor height sight channel to accommodate tall sights, and we ship all Concealers with a free Concealment Wing. The wing helps to drive the grip of the gun inwards, decreasing printing from the butt of the grip and thereby increasing concealment.

This holster is seriously comfortable all year round and I often forget I am even carrying when wearing it - It's that good! 

I also hear the same from our Concealer customers who regularly email us and tell us how shocked they were with the comfort this holster provides. 

The Concealer has a wide range of gun models available, so hopefully we have your gun. If we don't you could consider upgrading to one of the guns the Concealer is made for - you won't be sorry!!!

The Conceal-Brite Light Bearing IWB Holster
Our pick for IWB Light bearing Gun setups 

Conceal Brite Light Bearing Inside The Waistband Holster

The big brother of the Concealer that accommodates Weapon Mounted Lights!!

This holster is the most compact way to carry comfortably with a light and conceal Inside The Waistband. 

Our Conceal Brite customers are shocked that they can run a large Weapon Mounted Light like a Surefire x300 and still be comfortable. 

If you run a smaller light like an Olight PL-Mini 2 you can even forget you are carrying a light altogether! 

We are yet to receive a single complaint about the comfort of this holster giving us 100% confidence you will be happy with this holster.

The Conceal Brite comes with a variety of gun and light combinations but if you have a Glock for example, and a light we don't offer, we highly encourage you to email us so we can add it to the requests list. 

In the meantime, you could consider picking up a light that we do offer like a PL-Mini 2. For example, I had a TLR-7 and the Conceal Brite was not available for the TLR-7 so I switched to the PL-Mini2 and I haven't looked back since! It’s a great and affordable light and we highly recommend it.

The Conceal X - Appendix Inside The Waistband Holster Mag Carrier Rig

Our Pick For Carrying A Spare Magazine Inside The Waistband

The Conceal X IWB Holster

When it comes to IWB Appendix rigs, which are all the rage these days, more and more people are deciding to carry with a Magazine Carrier attached as a complete package. 

This allows for consistent reloads, increased capacity, and don't forget the cool factor! 

The sidecar design has been around for a while, with holsters like the Axis and Agis from Tier1 Concealed being very popular. 

Kobra Kydex built on these previous designs which use Bungie cord to attach the Holster to the Magazine Carrier, and created the unique Conceal X.

The Conceal X uses high-quality magnets to snap the holster to the Magazine carrier portion.

This allows the holster to flex as you move, bend and contort throughout the day, delivering increased comfort while packing quite a lot of stuff inside the waistband. 

The awesome thing about this design is that it gives you great flexibility as you can easily take the Magazine Carrier off the holster and attach a knife sheath! We have a K-Bar TDI attachment which you can snap a Knife Sheath on and run a gun holster and knife sheath combo together - Seriously Cool!

If you want to experience the next generation in Appendix Rigs consider the Conceal X - this design will be around for years to come and more and more people are opting to carry this way!

Want the total package but need to accommodate a light? Then you’ll need the Conceal XB!


The Conceal XB Appendix Light Bearing IWB Holster
Our Pick for carrying the total package!

The Conceal XB Appendix Light bearing IWB Holster

This is the big brother of the Conceal X allowing you to further add to your Concealed Carry package by adding a light to your gun.

You can now carry a gun, optic, light and a spare magazine all in one complete and compact package Inside The Waistband that also has increased comfort from the flexibility with the magnets.

Again if your gun and light combination is not offered, reach out to us so we can add it to the requests list and in the meantime consider picking up a light that we do offer, you won't be sorry!

The Striker Pancake Style OWB Holster
Best for Outside The Waistband Concealment

Striker Outside The Waistband Holster

The Striker is one of the most compact OWB Holsters there is. 

It sits super close to the body with the Matchpoint USA Infinity belt loops. 

This aids in concealment by keeping the holster as close to the belt as physically possible.

The belt runs through these loops and the holster does not protrude out from the hip. 

This holster is designed for Concealment but works great as a range holster too and for competitions. 

The holster comes optic cut as standard and has a raised sight channel to accommodate suppressor height sights. It has an open bottom design too, just in case you decide to run a compensator or longer slide! 

This holster has it all when it comes to OWB Concealment! But if you run a light you will need the Strike Brite!

The Strike Brite OWB Holster
Our pick for best Light Bearing Pancake Style OWB Holster

The Strike Brite OWB Holster

This is the light-bearing brother of the Striker for those of you who run a light on your gun and like to carry Outside The Waistband.

If you have a Conceal-Brite for IWB carry with a light on your gun this is the OWB version for carrying Outside The Waistband with a light.

It's compact, sits close to the body just like the striker and the light doesn't add any bulk to the holster. You won't even notice you are carrying a light on your gun!

Let’s now look at the Paddle holster options available. First of all the Strike Lite.

The Strike Lite OWB Paddle Holster
Our pick for best OWB Paddle mounting without a light

The Strike Lite OWB Paddle Holster

The Strike Lite is an Outside The Waistband Paddle Holster designed for outside the waistband carry but the paddle allows you to take the holster on and off quickly and easily.

It is another concealed carry option, especially in the winter months when you are wearing thick clothes, but works great for the range too. 

If you change clothes, holsters or guns often a paddle holster just makes things easier as you don’t need to unthread and rethread your belt everytime you make a change.

As always this holster comes with the high quality Kobra Kydex Craftsmanship we have come to expect and, as with all Kobra Kydex models, you can fully customize it to suit your own style and personality. 

Choose from a long list of colors, patterns and washer colors. A final bonus is that it also comes Optic Cut standard! 

If you like the look of the Strike Lite and want a paddle holster, but you want to accommodate a light then the  Strike-LB is the one for you!

The Strike Lite Light Bearing OWB Paddle Holster
Our pick for carrying with a light with quick off/on capability
The Strike LB Light bearing Outside The Waistband Paddle Holster


The Strike-Lite Brite (Strike LB for short) is the light bearing version of the Strike Lite.

It’s an outside the waistband paddle holster that allows you to carry a weapon mounted light and gives you all of the same high quality features as the Strike Lite such as the ability to fully customize color and washer color. It also comes optic cut as standard for those of you with red dot optics mounted to your gun. 

The Rugged Duty Holster
Our Pick for Duty / The Range
Rugged Duty Holster
The Rugged Duty Holster as the name suggests is built for duty. With strong .125 thick kydex this holster is extra durable. It comes with Level 2 Retention hood standard which can be removed if desired. The Holster has adjustable retention screws, open bottom design and comes optic cut standard to accommodate Red Dot Sights! It comes with multiple mounting holes for a variety of mounting solutions such as G-Code RTI, Safariland QLS, BladeTech Tek-Lok.
The Rugged Duty Holster can mount directly to the KMS (Kobra Mounting System) or to a BladeTech Tek-Lok, Safariland QLS Fork or G-Code RTI for quickly taking the Holster on and off the KMS.

The Rugged Duty Holster - Light Bearing
Our pick for Duty Carry / The Range with a light
Rugged duty holster light bearing
The Rugged Duty Holster Light Bearing is the same as the Rugged Duty Holster except it is built to accommodate popular Weapon Mounted Lights.
The holster is built for duty with strong .125 thick kydex this holster is extra durable. It comes with Level 2 Retention hood standard which can be removed if desired. The Holster has adjustable retention screws, open bottom design and comes optic cut standard to accommodate Red Dot Sights! It comes with multiple mounting holes for a variety of mounting solutions such as G-Code RTI, Safariland QLS, BladeTech Tek-Lok.
The Rugged Duty Holster can mount directly to the KMS (Kobra Mounting System) or to a BladeTech Tek-Lok, Safariland QLS Fork or G-Code RTI for quickly taking the Holster on and off the KMS.

And that is the full Kobra Kydex line up! We hope that has helped you decide which option is for you!

Before we go here are some ordering tips!

Gun model: - If you are viewing the website on your phone rotate your phone to the horizontal position to see the full gun model description. With vertical viewing it will cut off the full gun model name which is unavoidable, so be sure to view the drop-down menus horizontally on your phone. 

If you are not sure if we have your gun model please contact and we will be happy to assist you with ordering and ensuring you select the correct options. 

Color: - The choice is yours, we have one of the largest collections of color options. We do have a color chart under the resources menu on the website to help you decide.

Belt Options: - Most belts are 1.5" "high", as in the height of what the belt would be to fit through your pant loops, as most pantloops are 1.5”.

However, if your pants (for example your jeans) will accommodate a 1.75” belt we do have this option available. 

Make sure your order the correct size, as you don’t want a 1.75” belt clip on a 1.5” belt as there will be some wiggle. You really want 1.5” belt clips on 1.5” belts for the best mounting. 

When it comes to belt clips “Tuckable” does not mean it MUST be tucked, it just gives you the option if you ever plan to wear your holster with your shirt tucked in.

Kobra Kydex offers several different belt mounting solutions here is a brief summary of each of the belt options available.

Tuckable Tough Clip: - Recommended for a minimalist belt clip option, also if you ever plan on tucking your shirt in this is the way to go!

Tuckable Tough Clip

Monoblock: - This is a single over the top of the belt metal clip - it is not tuckable so you will need a cover garment to cover the gun and belt clip. 


Discreet Carry Concepts Clip: - A metal version of the tuckable tough clip, it’s also a tuckable option, very minimalist and strong, can also be used without a belt as it will snag onto a waistband just fine. 

Discreet Carry Concepts Clip

PTL (Push To Lock) Loops: - This is another way to mount to a belt. The push to lock loops have keyholes and a screw. The loop goes under the belt and they snap together above the belt. This is good for quickly taking your holster on or off the belt. To open the P.T.L. Loop, you simply pull up on the tab to release the key-hole interference lock. These are not tuckable so again a cover garment will be needed to hang over the gun and holster to conceal. 

PTL Loops

Here is a list of the belt mounting options you have for each Kobra Kydex model.

The KMS (Kobra Mounting System)

The KMS (Kobra Mounting System) is a universal holster mounting belt attachment. Designed for everyone from competition shooters to tactical duty use the KMS is built to drop the holster for a lower ride height. This will keep the holster low and away from your plate carrier or body armor. Precision screw slot placement allows for existing holster attachments to be used like the G Code RTI and Safariland QLS. We created the KMS to fill a need and in response to many requests for this type of belt attachment.

The KMS Kobra Mounting System

For the Concealer IWB Holster: -

You have the choice of Tuckable Tough Clip, The Monoblock, Discreet Carry Concepts clip or Dual Soft Loops

For the Conceal Brite Light Bearing IWB Holster:  - 

You have the choice of 2 mounting solutions. The Monoblock or The Soft Dual Loops. 

For the Conceal X and Conceal X-B Appendix Holsters: -

You have the choice of Tuckable Tough Clips or Tuckable Discreet Carry Concepts Clips

For the Striker & Strike Brite OWB Holsters: - 

Matchpoint USA infinity belt loops

For the Strike Lite & Strike L-B OWB Paddle Holsters: -

Paddle Belt Attachment

For the Rugged Duty / Rugged Duty Light Bearing Holsters - 

KMS (Kobra Mounting System)

BladeTech Tek-Lok

We hope you have found this guide useful and as always if you need any help reach out to us at support@holster

Thanks for reading, let us know what Kobra Kydex Holster you would like! 

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I have a great interest in your product. I currently carry a Smith Westin MP 40. And my have a sw 9mm. We both carry and I like the function of your holster. I carried a 40 in Marine Corps. And a 40 for the state of North Carolina DOC. Special ops team. So based on this helps of with holsters please.


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