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Why Do You Concealed Carry? Here's Our Top 10 Reasons!

by Daniel @HolsterCentral on June 26, 2020
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Why I concealed Carry


Why do you Concealed Carry?

Do you have a strong reason why?

What prompted you to start concealed carrying?

Everybody's reason is different.

For some it's an imminent threat, for others it's a defensive mindset.

Maybe you just got married or became a parent and want to protect your family? 

Maybe you just started working nights and live in an area with a high crime rate?

Or possibly you have just moved to an unfamiliar area and have a high risk profession which promoted you to start carrying.
With violent crime such as rape, muggings, murder and other violent attacks unfortunately being a part of society, there really is only one way you can prevent it happening to you.

Trained martial artist

We can't all be highly trained Mixed Martial Artist fighters ready to fight off would be attackers and not everyone is able bodied, in fighting shape and skilled in self defense. Not even a trained Mixed Martial Artist can fight off multiple attackers or attackers with weapons. A gun is an instant equalizer and force multiplier.

So here's our top 10 reasons why you may Concealed Carry, we definitely want to hear yours down below in the comments..

#1 - To enable you to protect yourself, your family, your loved ones. This is the number 1 reason for most people. 

#2 - To exercise your 2nd Amendment rights - There is no better way to exercise your freedom than Concealed Carrying.

#3 - Self reliance - Taking your self protection into your own hands, not being a victim, being able to defend yourself in a moments notice against a deadly threat, not having to rely on the police when it's too late. 

#4 - To defend yourself and others in an active shooter scenario.
Unfortunately in the current climate, this is a very real risk. There are so many public targets where these incidents are happening. The only way to stop a coward looking to inflict harm on others in his tracks and preserve life is to be a concealed carrier on the scene who can respond to the threat in the moment. The police cannot be everywhere at all times. 

#5 - To be safer at night time - late night ATM runs, Walmart runs, Gas fill ups. Sometimes you have to go out late at night and this is when it is most dangerous.

#6 - High risk areas - Some people live in the bad part of town where there is high crime statistics, or maybe you have to go to that area for whatever reason, it makes sense to be prepared for the worst when in these areas.

#7 - Occupational hazards - You may have a high risk profession where you may have to defend yourself. Liquor store owners, jewelry stores, banks, pawn shops, gun stores, gas stations are all high risk places of work.

#8 - Vulnerability - Not everyone can defend themselves with their bare hands. For example a large and strong male can inflict a lot of harm to vulnerable people such as the elderly, the disabled, women and children and you may want to defend yourself or others in this category. 
#9 - Being caught up in a Robbery or other Deadly Force Scenarios. You could be in any public business such as the Bank, a Liquor Store, Jewelers or the Gas Station and there is an armed robbery announced and you are now caught up in it. Other things like someone approaching you who is armed with a weapon, a mugging at gun or knife point, an attempted kidnapping or an attempted rape. 

#10 - It demonstrates that you are a law abiding citizen. You cannot have a concealed carry permit if you are a felon or drug user. A Concealed Carry permit indicates to a police officer you are of good moral character and one of the good guys exercising your freedom and responsibility to defend yourself. Most cops like concealed carriers. 
In conclusion, Concealed Carrying is empowering, you don't have to be a victim to violence and you are more situationally aware. It gives you extra confidence when it comes to your safety wherever life takes you on a daily basis.

What's your reasons? We would love to hear from you!

We love to talk to our fellow Concealed Carriers and to learn from them!

Best answer get's posted and rewarded with a prize!

Holster Central is made by Concealed Carriers for Concealed Carriers, we hope to learn from you and hopefully you learn something new from us too! 

Thanks for reading!

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