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Blue Alpha Gear is a small American business in Atlanta, GA that makes high quality products catered to the outdoor and shooting community.

 Online reviews for Blue Alpha Gear belts made in Newnan, Georgia, consistently praise the brand for its high-quality and durable belts designed for everyday carry (EDC) and concealed carry.

Users frequently highlight the belts' robust construction, featuring tough materials that provide reliable support for carrying holsters and accessories. Many appreciate the adjustable and secure buckle systems that allow for a customizable fit, ensuring comfort throughout the day.

The belts are often commended for their versatility, seamlessly blending into both casual and tactical attire. Customers often express satisfaction with Blue Alpha Gear's commitment to American manufacturing and the durability that accompanies products crafted in the USA. Overall, the online reviews suggest that Blue Alpha Gear belts are well-regarded within the EDC and concealed carry community for their performance, comfort, and reliability.

In summary Blue Alpha gear belts are kick ass and some of the best around for Every Day Carry. 

Unfortunately we do not currently stock Blue Alpha Gear belts but you can click below to purchase at manufacturer's website. 

We do have a high quality alternative leather concealed carry belt that you can see here for further details -

Blue alpha gear belt

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